Hello, friends! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Jen and I like to share about my life and loves with you. I am 32 and live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband, Don, and our cutie-pie Shih Tzu, Winnie. I love organizing my home, talking shop about planners, playing with beauty products, traveling with my loved ones, knitting, running, yoga, singing in the car, and hanging out with my close-knit family.

I started my YouTube channel, OrganizedLikeJen, in the summer of 2010 when I was in a personal rut and in need of a project. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was also looking for a way to connect with others, as my experience with anxiety in my twenties made it difficult for me to be social. My YouTube experiment turned quickly into a real passion as I found my stride and voice on camera. I rolled out my blog in December of 2012 as another way of connecting through writing. I have been a constant presence on both platforms ever since as well as on social media. I never imagined I’d be the kind of person who would enjoy creating content and putting it online for anyone to see, but now I can’t imagine my life without the community we’ve built together.

Why am I passionate about sharing? I feel like our culture is becoming a harder place to navigate freely with the internet bringing both the ability to communicate more instantly, but also a lot of unwanted negativity and exposure. It can be scary to reach out and connect with others on a real level when we feel like everything we do is scrutinized and compared to whatever happens to be the current (and arbitrary) standard. I hope that in sharing my stories, you feel a connection with me, especially if we don’t always agree. I encourage you to share your stories with me as we create connections with each other and encourage tolerance in acceptance.

I believe that in sharing our individual experiences and perspectives, we can inspire one another to expand our outlooks. We all have unique stories and it is in accepting each other’s individuality that we create strong connections. I believe that sharing truly is caring, because in opening up we show our faith in establishing community. I hope you feel welcome and at home here. Nobody’s perfect, but we’re all pretty neat in our own ways and that is what we all share in common. So, make yourself a cup of something comforting, pull up a chair, and let’s share.

Online Content Creator, Chocoholic, Planner Enthusiast, Organization Fiend
Trading Wiz, Golf Lover, Husband Extraordinaire,Home Cook Maestro
Shih Tzu, Cuddle Bug, Princess Pup, Angel Face